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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

In March, 1849 Sikh's Army was defeated in Gujarat abated arms. In this year of November month, British Government adjudges Murree as Sanatorium. Scanning speed at which this hill station development shows that the British were not only know to win but also to know what benefits they received in the battlefield and keep them stable was also odd. In Murree city there are two large and some small Christian Cemeteries. All cemeteries are the reflection of great planning and surrounded with beautifully sculptured stones wall. Finally, the third to sixty Kuldana Road cemetery beside the two large cemeteries were in slightly better shape. Cemetery ubisupra the 1948 bombing of the Indian Air Force from harm. The cemetery contains rows flat. Only a few graves on upper right and the rows are preserved. Last rows of the bombing on the right and left side graves have completely ruined, land and cemetery walls are also broken. It offers a sad view.

The second largest cemetery is near Ahatta Noor Khan (The video you are watching). It contains three rows. Here until the early 1970's marble cross and statues of angels could be seen. The majority of the graves have been destroyed and only some dozen Graves are left, which are in crackling condition. For the division of cemetery the beautiful sculptured walls are containing gravel, stones. What is still here appeasement and excitement make a beautiful shade of pine trees that have all cemetery are gravel. Is this is not alack that there is no one left in the British or a Christian community who cares of this cemetery. The crackling graves and name stone bear the names of those people who devoted their lives to the crown of Britain's famous and now here they are long sleeping.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Here is the video of our starter research investigation on Paranormal in the month November of year 2008.

Monday, March 27, 2017

This site is Under Construction due to some PARANORMAL attack .. soon be updated...!!!!

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